Hello! Our names are Rod, Jessica, Santiago (5), and Nora (2). We are a full-time traveling family! We aim to inspire other families to get out and travel with their children and to lead a life of having less and experiencing more. We sold everything we own to have the freedom to travel, spend quality time with each other, learn ways to sustain our adventures, and share our journey with our audience!


How We Can Help You

As traveling photographers we offer the unique opportunity to naturally capture our children and family enjoying your hotel or attraction.  Our lifestyle look is natural and relatable to audiences.  We also capture underwater and drone images depending on your needs.

We manage a growing YouTube channel and would love to work with you to create a video capturing elements of your business you would like to highlight.


We offer honest and thorough reviews of products that are related to family travel. From fashion to gear to tech, if it can make travel easier for families, then your product would be a good fit for a review on our blog (with associated sharing on our social media channels).


We are active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter! If you're interested in reaching our audience through any of our social media channels, feel free to contact us.


If you need to spread the word about your destination, brand, or event, we are happy to help you! We can provide comprehensive blog and social media posts that will reach thousands of travel families.


We love to share the brands that we love! If you have a product that helps make family travel easier, we would love to test it out and promote it to our audience of passionate travelers.


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The Jetsetting Family Travel Podcast

(A Castbox Original Series)


The Jetsetting Family Travel Podcast is a  Castbox original podcast series and professionally produced by The Podglomerate.  Each week we bring you a podcast centered around the topic of family travel. We believe that we have a lot to share in terms of best practices for traveling with kids, unique adventures for families of all ages, funny stories, and even a few words of wisdom from our very own Santi! Every week, we will either discuss our current adventures throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, or interview another family or travel professional that enjoys adventure as much as we do.  Our podcast gets over 1.000 listens per episode.